Xero Update - Single Touch Payroll

Xero Update - Single Touch Payroll

Xero has announced that Single Touch Payroll is now available. However, due to the massive number of Xero Payroll users, the rollout will be progressive.

How will you know when it is ready for you?

A banner will appear on the pay-run screen and you will be able to opt-in with just a few clicks.

ATO Deadline

The ATO has granted Xero a deferral until as late as 31 December 2018.  It is aimed that all users will have access before that date.  So, until Xero prompts you to make the switch, keep processing payroll as normal.

If asked, Xero subscribers can use the ATO reference number 49410109 to prove they have a deferral.

Once you are using Single Touch Payroll you won’t need to play catch-up with the ATO as each time you file it includes all year to date payroll information.

If you have any questions please contact us at SMB Consultants.

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