Coronavirus | What To Do With Your Spare Time?

Coronavirus | What To Do With Your Spare Time?
Now we are all facing uncertain times and I just wanted to provide you with some ideas to fill your time.
I understand that these might not be money-making ideas now, however, they will assist you in moving forward when we go back to normal.
With your available time, you might as well look at doing some of the following for your business (not all will be suited but just a thought):
  • Start to design a website 
    When the world goes back to normal you won't have time to take photos, watch some How-To videos or prepare a stock list of your products.

  • Carry out an extensive stock take
    Similar to above, this is a time-consuming process but well worth it. Finding lost stock or having an accurate count is crucial for businesses.

  • Write a Blog or Two or Ten
    Starting a blog is always difficult as you never have the time. It is one of the more affect ways to increase traffic to the website you build in idea #01!!

  • Upskill yourself or team
    Being able to sit down and watch some videos (not Cat Videos) or a course through Udemy, Lynda or similar. Some ideas could be:
    - Social Media marketing
    - Design a Shopify store
    - SEO Marketing
    - Product Photography
    - Smartphone Photography
    - Blog writing
Don't forget, SMB Consultants is here to help you through these times. I'm currently studying Web Design by Udemy myself and writing some blogs about how technology can help small businesses in Australia.
We live and breathe technology at SMB Consultants and as some of you know, I always work remotely from the Sunshine Coast. Our team also has the flexibility to work remotely so we will be here through this entire ordeal.
Please feel free to let me know if I can help in any way to prepare you for some possibly slower times by focusing on areas you don't normally have time for.
SMB Consultants can teach you about Shopify and even help set up a store. We can help you plan and prepare for the move into a cloud-based Point of Sale when business picks up again.
Just book a time on my calendar to give you a call and we can go over things, 

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