Workflow Acceptance Workshops

It is usually not possible for a business owner to think of every possible operational scenario that will need to be addressed in a new software operational solution. Workflows are always unique and depend not only on business functionality but also on staff and management capability.

With such a significant change in operation, it is critical for any business to thoroughly review their critical operational workflows with the actual software solutions recommended. 

Our Workflow Acceptance Testing (WAT) Workshops set up the critical software systems fully integrated ready for client testing. We agree on the minimum critical data to be imported to allow for effective testing whilst still maintaining your existing system and process. The cost of the WAT Workshop phase is significantly less than the total project. Full implementation will only proceed once the WAT Workshops are successfully completed to mutual satisfaction of both the you (the client) and SMB Consultants.

In most cases the systems we recommend to be introduced will result in changed workflows and in some cases new workflows. It is important that any new potential system gets tested against these workflows. And new workflows get reviewed and accepted.

Only once a client has signed off on the WAT Workshop would full implementation of the agreed solution take place. In most cases, the effort put into the Workflow Acceptance Testing Workshops is utilised in the full implementation stage. Thereby making this process cost effective.

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