About Us

SMB Consultants

Where the cloud integrator specialists came from…
and why we’re so good at what we do.

Although Co-Directors Jeffrey Atizado and Peter Klein met for the first time in 2007, while running a fast-paced retail technology operation in Sydney, their mutual love of technology has much earlier origins. In 1984—even before desktop publishing—Peter was pioneering the utilisation of Apple technology to completely digitise a publishing operation. Whereas, Jeffrey attributes his zeal for new technology to his childhood vacation in Japan where he was inspired by Akihabara, a place aptly referred to as Electric Town. Since then, he has forged a career out of technology sales, always seeking out technological ideas as bright as the town where it all began. This wasn’t their only mutual passion, they soon discovered they shared a penchant for aiding other entrepreneurs in improving their business practice, by introducing them to the latest technology.

Over the next three years, two critical developments shaped the birth of SMB Consultants. The days of independent computer retail operations became limited, forming a highly competitive market. In order to differentiate themselves, Jeff and Peter established a Business Services division to promote new software to small and medium businesses.

This department surpassed run-of-the-mill software sales, offering critical advice over a range of related business processes and, in doing so, highlighted the need for a business consultancy that could compose a complete solution. This coincided with the emergence of Cloud computing (SAAS) across a multitude of business disciplines, at prices that were affordable to the small to medium business market.

A lot has changed since Jeffrey and Peter created SMB Consultants in 2010; they’ve expanded their range of integrated Cloud-based software solutions to canvas a multitude of related business services, as well as increased their customer base to over 350 clients. They’ve even had to break down the wall into the next office to accommodate the additions to their dedicated and qualified team. What can you expect from SMB in the future? They’re going to keep breaking down walls; not only between various Cloud based systems, but between people and these systems. Basically, they’re committed to helping other small to medium business owners embrace Cloud-based solutions, to guide them to where they need to be and support them along the way.