Scoping Session

SMB Consultants see the value in having a Scoping Session as the vital first step after a 15 minute free call to clarify we are a good fit working together. 

SMB Consultants Cloud App Integrators for Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing Businesses. Creating Business Efficiency Through Our 5 Step Process.

Comprehensive Evaluation

A scoping session is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire business and all of the software programs and workflows that are required to run the business now. Just as importantly, we discuss in detail where you see your business going in the next 3 to 5 years and what your medium and long term goals for your business are [Trade sale; IPO; succession handover; etc] 

Agnostic Advice

Our scoping sessions are unique since we are agnostic providers of Cloud Software and we are Experts in all of the software packages we can recommend.  We take a holistic view of the business and try to explore areas where the right technology and correct set up of add-on integrations can add efficiencies to the overall running of the business.  Additionally, considerations for the way the software packages are set up so they provide the type of financial reporting that is required is a key part of the review.

During this time we will review your current systems to understand what your current workflows are. (What is working, what isn't working)

Recommended Solutions

We will also provide a recommendation on a solution we can provide that will help resolve some of the issues you are having as well as an estimate for the services required.

If required, we will also demonstrate the solution and/or integrations so you can see first hand how the solution would work.  If the recommended solution appears to meet your requirements, we move to the next stage: Proof of Concept

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