Review and Assessment

Increasingly, we are approached by companies who have already started on their Cloud software journey. They usually have started to implement one of the possible inventory management solutions we support. However they need assistance for any of the following reasons:

  • The installation of the software is not correct or incomplete and they need confirmation of what they have currently completed and a quote for assistance to finalise the process;
  • They are unsure if the solution they have started with is actually the right software for them;
  • They need another operational software unit to complete a process [say accounting or online ordering etc] but do not know what is the best solution for them;
  • Their business has taken a new direction and they need to work out if the current software will still meet their needs;
  • They have two software elements that they know integrate but need assistance in that integration process.
  • They need training on aspects and elements of the software to ensure best practice in utilisation;
  • They want ongoing support and want to be sure they have a solid platform before they start.

In these circumstances, SMB Consultants will assess the clients' needs and quote on a block of time to carry out this Review & Assessment. At the conclusion of his Review there will be a report and recommendation for resolution.

In some instances this may be actions that the client can carry out themselves. Often, it results in a request from the client for SMB Consultants to quote on providing the solution agreed. This may be reconfiguration; completion of installation; introduction of additional software for integration; training; and support.

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