SMB Consultants: 13 Years of Innovation, Integration, and Evolution

SMB Consultants: 13 Years of Innovation, Integration, and Evolution

From a spark of innovation in a retail store to becoming cloud integrators specializing in various verticals, SMB Consultants has traveled a remarkable journey. As we celebrate our 13th anniversary, let's take a stroll down memory lane to explore our milestones, challenges, and successes.

The Beginning: A Revolution in Retail Point of Sale

In 2008, a broken point-of-sale system led our founders, Jeffrey and Peter, to an innovation that would redefine the retail experience. Emulating Apple's forward-thinking approach, Lightspeed became the solution that transformed traditional cash registers into a modern, sleek, and efficient system.

"So overnight, we put in a new system called Lightspeed, which at the time was a Mac based, server-based point of sale. And it became really popular because it had an iTunes-looking interface."

The Era of Integration: Groundbreaking Cloud Technology

"I think it was just the perfect storm of technology, innovation, and businesses. Wanting to find ways to streamline the way that they could complete a transaction in the store and create a much more seamless experience with the customer."

With the introduction of the iPad in 2008 and the growing accessibility of cloud technology, we found ourselves at the forefront of a technological revolution. We embraced Xero's breakthrough cloud integration, allowing apps to talk to one another seamlessly.

This marked the birth of a new breed of consultants, what we now proudly call ourselves: cloud integrators.

Specialization and Growth: Expanding Horizons

Our growth journey began with specialization in retail. Over the years, we expanded into various sectors, adapting and aligning with the latest technology and market needs.

"So there was a massive growth in the number of apps that integrated with one another. And we quickly found ourselves vertical specialists, firstly, starting in the retail vertical, and then expanding into hospitality, and then later moving into manufacturing, wholesale distribution."

Modern Retail: Embracing the Omni-Channel World

"It's no longer just a brick and mortar store that is selling to foot traffic. It's now this connected store that can sell not only through foot traffic that walks through the front door but also through their online channels, marketplaces."

The emergence of cloud technology gave birth to the omni-channel era, and we continued to evolve, supporting businesses in connecting multiple sales channels. Our role in transforming retail post-COVID has allowed businesses to thrive in this new world of connected commerce.

Embracing the Future: SMB's Adaptive Journey

"I think I've always been comfortable with not knowing and being able to still be honest with what's working and what isn't. And not hanging on to something which ultimately ends up being why a lot of businesses fall by the wayside."

Jeffrey, the co-founder of SMB Consultants, reflects on the company's 13-year journey with a sense of pride and understanding. Unlike businesses that have become cautionary tales, such as Blockbuster, Kodak, or Nokia, SMB has thrived due to its willingness to adapt, pivot, and embrace technological change.

A Constant Evolution: Navigating the Technological Landscape

"Technology is always constant and never-ending, it's something that is always in movement. And it's an aspect I enjoy, the fact of looking for where it's going to be and trying to be as best in front of that place as possible."

Technology's relentless evolution has been both a challenge and an opportunity. For SMB, the focus has always been on staying ahead, predicting where technology will take us next, and positioning ourselves to leverage those advances. The ability to anticipate and adapt to technology's twists and turns has been a hallmark of our success.

Driven by Improvement and Creativity

At the core of SMB's ethos is a deep-rooted desire to improve and innovate. Whether it's developing new solutions or refining existing ones, the pursuit of creativity and enhancement is what fuels our journey.

"We're hardwired to work that way that we're always looking like we are inherently always looking for ways to improve and to make things better, and that's what drives technology is this just, I think, need to create, be creative and to improve."

The Path Ahead: Constant Movement, Never Stagnant

What makes SMB's future exciting is our eagerness to move along with technology, staying fluid, dynamic, and never stagnant. Our 13-year journey is not just a testament to our past achievements but a commitment to continue learning, growing, and leading in a world where technology never sleeps.

As we look to the future, we invite you to be part of our ever-evolving journey. With a history rich in innovation and adaptation, SMB Consultants is poised to continue redefining the technological landscape, ever in pursuit of excellence.

The future is in the cloud, and there's no better time to elevate your business to new heights. Whether you're just starting your digital transformation or looking to enhance your current systems, SMB Consultants is here to guide you every step of the way.

Embrace the cloud with confidence, knowing that you have a partner that has navigated the technological shifts for over a decade. Let's work together to build a more efficient, connected, and resilient business for tomorrow.

Contact SMB Consultants today and take the first step towards a brighter, cloud-powered future.

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