Afterpay has arrived with Vend POS

Afterpay has arrived with Vend POS

Vend has just announced that Afterpay in-store is now available.

Vend is the only POS designed for Small-Medium Businesses to offer Afterpay in-store integration at no extra cost, which provides you with a modern payment option to compete with the larger stores.

Don’t know what Afterpay is?

Afterpay was introduced in 2015 as a simple, interest-free instalment plan available instantly at retail stores – either online, on mobile or in-store and has now become one of the most popular payment options.

With over 1.5 million customers and a 90% customer recurrence integrating Afterpay into your Vend store will not only increase your sales but also add customer value.

When a shopper signs up and purchases with Afterpay, you receive payment upfront while the customer can pay for the purchase over four equal instalments interest-free.

Because Afterpay integrates, payments flow directly from Afterpay to Vend eliminating human error.

Find out more and Vend + Afterpay here.

How do I get it?

Arrange for SMB Consultants a call to find out more about this product and to set up the integration.

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