New Xero Feature offers Value Add for Accountants and Bookkeepers

New Xero Feature offers Value Add for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Late last year Xero launched the Xero HQ platform for Xero partners. It encompasses an activity feed, client list and a very interesting tool, called the Explorer.


The Explorer reveals insights into your clients’ businesses; it tells you which industries they are in and which apps they have connected.  This information could be a powerful marketing tool for your practice. For example, you may discover a number of clients in the same industry, meaning you could market services specifically to that industry. In doing so, you could provide a service such as benchmarking, a value add that would set you apart as an expert in that industry.

Knowing which Xero add-ons your clients are using presents another great opportunity for your practice. If numerous clients are using the same app, you and your staff can familiarise yourselves with it. You probably don’t need to become an expert, but if you know the apps' basic workings, you can better assist your clients with their business processes, as well as understand how data flow to Xero operates.

Another possible scenario is discovering clients in similar industries who are not using add-ons the rest are. Sharing this knowledge can benefit both existing and new clients. Of course, no-one would expect you to be able to do the installation and integration of the add-on, that’s where CloudIntegration.Partners come in.

As a bonus, the apps and industries your practice specialises in will be reflected in the Xero Advisor Directory Listing, an excellent way to draw new customers.

By utilising the Explorer tool you can streamline client's business processes, increasing their efficiency and improving your standing as their trusted business advisor. If you or your clients need assistance with add-ons, please get in touch.

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