Meet Paul! Our hospitality specialists

Meet Paul! Our hospitality specialists


When one of our hospitality specialists, Paul, was asked to do this interview his only condition was that he got to wear a dress.

He’s yet to fulfil that end of the deal, but he was generous enough to throw in some advice.

Word on the street is you’ve been using your spare time to start a restaurant. Tell us a little about this exciting venture?

Yes, The team I was in for Icon Park season one have a new venture opening on Glebe Point Road this month. It will be a 70 seater two-story restaurant called Thievery. Check back here for more info in the coming weeks.

Working at SMB, you also deal with a lot of other new businesses; from these experiences, can you offer any advice for people who are looking to start a business?

Embrace the cloud. Move all your systems to the cloud and access your data anytime from anywhere on any device, and don’t leave it too late, there’s a lot to learn. 

What’s an average weekend like for you, and do you have any interesting hobbies?

At the moment its mostly spent working on the restaurant, however, of a night my girlfriend and I try to fit in visits to our favourite bars, many of which are SMB clients. I’m also currently learning to surf which I’m really enjoying, even though I’m terrible.

What have you found to be the most useful features of the staff rostering program you work with, Deputy?

I really like the seamless Deputy and Xero integration, It removes the manual double-entry of timesheets and provides costed rosters. The award interpretation system is also great for compliance and automating penalty rates. 

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