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How the cloud can change your business for the better

How the cloud can change your business for the better


Cloud-based software has been labelled a game-changer with good reason.

Having significantly smaller start-up costs than traditional systems and a monthly licensing structure, it has given small to medium businesses the opportunity to compete with larger enterprises.

The flexibility to access the software on almost any device results in faster and less costly replacements, if something goes wrong. This accessibility, combined with superior reporting, gives business owners an invaluable birds-eye view of how their business is performing at any time, allowing them to make better decisions. 

Cloud Integration

Integrating cloud software has even more benefits. For example, pairing Kounta POS with Beat the Queue gives your hospitality business more exposure, an edge over competitors and saves time for both your staff and customers. Adding on a Tyro merchant facility will eliminate the need for double-entry, resulting in more time saved and fewer headaches reconciling at the end of the day. Eliminate more double-entry by integrating the Xero accounting package and say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets with Deputy staff rostering. Tyro, Xero, Deputy and Vend point of sale also make a great team. In our experience, a fully integrated solution always results in a better, more efficient business.

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