Empowering E-commerce Ambitions: Nurturing KARRICO’s Global Reach

Empowering E-commerce Ambitions: Nurturing KARRICO’s Global Reach

Eco-Innovations from Down Under

KARRICO Inc., borne out of Grant Studios’ vision, has set an impressive benchmark in the world of sustainable lunch solutions. Their uniquely designed bento boxes and reusable lunch bags, crafted from ethically-sourced materials, are not only stylish but also sustainable, backed by BioCote® protections to ensure food remains fresh for longer durations.

Determined to tap into the lucrative U.S. market through Amazon as it's core sales channel, all while maintaining their base in Australia, KARRICO realized the need for a new approach. Their ambition went beyond just selling products. As Julian Grant of Grant Studios elaborated, “We were moving into a business in the U.S., where we had to manage stock, forecast demand and replenish inventory, all while being in a completely different market with a completely different time zone to the market that we're selling in. We needed an impressive 3PL and a sophisticated logistics system.”

The Need for a Robust Logistical Framework

Being exceptional product developers, KARRICO's expertise lay in creating world-class products. However, direct management of stock or logistics wasn’t their core competency. Their business model involved manufacturing products and shipping them directly to customers, thereby bypassing traditional warehousing. Julian recounts the urgency of their needs, “We wanted to make sure that there was as much automation and ease of use in the workflow so that we didn’t add any stress to our existing staff, or have to increase our headcount.”

SMB Consultants: The Perfect Technological Ally

Their quest for a dependable technology partner was realised when they were introduced to SMB Consultants by The Hope Factory, the agency who designed and built their Shopify store. Julian expressed his relief, stating,

“When I discovered SMB Consultants, it was just a relief to know that there was someone out there who could take us through that process.”

Introducing Cin7 Omni: Tailored Solutions for KARRICO

With SMB Consultants' guidance, KARRICO was introduced to Cin7 Omni. Recognized as an optimal inventory management solution for their needs, Julian said, “SMB Consultants took us through hours of discovery meetings to uncover a lot of our requirements. Many of them we didn't even understand that we had, or were even aware that these would be potential issues.” The software ensured that KARRICO could make data-driven, precise decisions.

Beyond just the software, Julian highlights the importance of customization: “The solution that we’ve created within Cin7 Omni literally allows me to sleep.”

The Journey with SMB Consultants

The collaboration between KARRICO and SMB Consultants was transformative. Together, they tackled the challenges of launching a new business model. Julian emphasized the invaluable assistance SMB provided, noting, “If we were to do it ourselves – which I think would be madness – we wouldn’t get the right result; the system wouldn’t do what we wanted it to do.”

He further praised SMB Consultants for their proactive approach.

“Every step of the way through the journey, whenever we’ve had issues or raised concerns about the way that we need to operate the business, SMB Consultants have always gone back. They’ve investigated our issues and found a way through.”

Toward a Bright Future

With the combined force of Cin7 Omni and the strategic partnership with SMB Consultants, KARRICO is poised for growth. Julian succinctly captures this sentiment: “If we didn’t have this system, we wouldn't be able to scale.” With these tools and partnerships, KARRICO can now look forward to expanded horizons, ensuring they remain at the forefront of sustainable e-commerce solutions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of global commerce, the right partnerships can make all the difference. Whether you're grappling with inventory management intricacies or pondering a bold expansion into new markets, you don't have to journey alone. SMB Consultants has a proven track record of supporting businesses like KARRICO Inc. in realizing their ambitions. Let us be the ally that propels you to new heights. We invite businesses, both big and small, to reach out and explore how we can collaboratively craft your next chapter of success. Your vision, coupled with our expertise, is the formula for unparalleled growth. Connect with us today.

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