Unlocking the Power of Cin7 Omni: How SMB Consultants Revitalized Skyphonez's Inventory Management

Unlocking the Power of Cin7 Omni: How SMB Consultants Revitalized Skyphonez's Inventory Management

Introduction: The Unlikely Partnership

While Cin7 Omni initially seemed like an unlikely fit for Skyphonez, a nudge in the right direction from SMB Consultants has turned it into a match made in heaven for cloud-based inventory management and ERP systems. Stephen Gill, the Director of Skyphonez and a former Cin7 employee, has found the system to be almost entirely self-sufficient.

The Complex Challenge of Inventory Management

Skyphonez, an Aussie tech retailer offering both new and refurbished smartphones and gadgets, was stuck in a risky situation. Operating through an online store and various other sales channels, they were alarmingly vulnerable to the dangers of overselling. The company, which juggles almost 100,000 SKUs, was at an impasse.

Stephen Gill believed Cin7 Omni could resolve their issue. Yet, due to the vast number of SKUs, Cin7 hesitated to promise that their system would suffice. The alternative—a custom ERP—was not only cost-prohibitive but also failed to meet Skyphonez's requirements.

Workflow Acceptance Testing: The SMB Edge

In this cloudy situation, SMB Consultants emerged as the silver lining. By initiating Workflow Acceptance Testing (WAT), SMB examined various methods of organizing product data. Jeffrey Atizado, the CEO and Co-Founder of SMB Consultants, recalls their cautious approach: "We were very apprehensive about recommending a product, which we knew had a known system limitation...So we used the WAT sessions to work through a solution [and] were able to reduce the number of SKUs to the point where it wasn't a limitation anymore."

Stephen Gill echoes the positive impact: "It helped us understand about the different structures that were possible within Cin7 Omni."

Instead of merely updating the existing data, Skyphonez took the opportunity to completely rebuild their product catalog. “That allowed us to ensure that any new variant we created was 100 percent unique."

Achieving Control and Savings

With SMB Consultants' guidance, Skyphonez now boasts a system that offers advanced control over stock reduction and availability. "It takes care of itself 99 percent of the time now," Gill stated.

Skyphonez has reaped financial benefits as well, with significant staff cost savings: “It’s a lot of money per year that we’re saving by doing it this way.”

Creative Solutions: Thinking Outside the Box

Another remarkable achievement was the preservation of valuable existing integrations, thanks to SMB's visionary approach. Initially, Skyphonez had plans to abandon ChannelAdvisor for exclusive reliance on Cin7 Omni. However, SMB Consultants recognized the utility of retaining ChannelAdvisor, which already efficiently integrated with multiple sales channels. These channels included Amazon, Catch, My Sale, Shopify, Fulfilled by Amazon, mydeal, Kogan, The Market, Trademe, Wish, and OZSALE.

Jeffrey Atizado dubbed this ingenious strategy "thinking outside the box." By harnessing the capabilities of ChannelAdvisor, Skyphonez could maintain seamless stock synchronization across these diverse marketplaces. This allowed the retailer to utilize a one-to-many approach, streamlining inventory data distribution across various platforms and saving both time and resources. The move has been an invaluable asset, contributing to Skyphonez's overall operational efficiency.

Unraveling the Magic with SMB Consultants

Stephen Gill insists that SMB Consultants and their Cin7 partners were indispensable in achieving this transformation.

For business owners contemplating a DIY approach to integrate inventory management software, Gill has straightforward advice: "Get some help. It's an incredibly complex task to get all of this together into one single place, and to have it working the way it's supposed to. You can’t do it yourself."

By leveraging the expertise of SMB Consultants, Skyphonez has not only optimized its inventory management but has also experienced significant financial and operational gains. It's a transformation that Gill confirms was well worth the investment.