Elevating Clonakilla Winery: A Tale of Inventory Excellence with SMB Consultants

Elevating Clonakilla Winery: A Tale of Inventory Excellence with SMB Consultants

In the picturesque realm of winemaking, the story of Clonakilla winery stands as a testament to organic growth, innovation, and a commitment to crafting exceptional wines. But behind the scenes of their renowned vines lies another success story – one of strategic collaboration and transformative change driven by SMB Consultants.

Fostering Organic Growth

From its humble beginnings in 1971, Clonakilla's journey has been one of passion and perseverance. Dr. John Kirk's pioneering spirit led him to plant Shiraz grapes in the unique soil of Murrumbateman, New South Wales. Fast forward to today, Clonakilla's acres of vines have yielded award-winning Shiraz, Riesling, and Viognier wines that have earned accolades and commendations across the industry.

"The wines used to be hand carried around to various retailers and restaurants. Tim did this himself with a backpack on his back, trying to convince people that Canberra District could actually make a decent wine." – David Reist, General Manager and Sales & Marketing Director, Clonakilla

A Winery, a Vision, and a Need for Innovation

As Clonakilla's popularity grew, so did the complexity of its operations. The challenge of managing inventory, distribution, and customer relationships led them to seek a solution that could streamline processes and boost efficiency. Enter SMB Consultants, a powerhouse known for leveraging innovation and expertise to create transformative business solutions.

"We can make all the wine we want, but it’s got to get out of the warehouse and into people’s hands. I needed systems that would work – and I needed help in understanding what we could use now. That’s what led us to Cin7, and SMB Consultants – and it was the best decision and the best spend that we’ve done as far as our systems go." – David Reist

The Strategic Collaboration Unveiled

The partnership between Clonakilla and SMB Consultants marked the beginning of a new chapter. David Reist, General Manager and Sales & Marketing Director at Clonakilla, had a vision for enhanced inventory management and operational excellence. SMB Consultants, with a track record of turning visions into reality, stepped in to make it happen.

Custom Solutions, Tangible Results

"Reporting-wise, we were able to give Clonakilla a clear breakdown between the retail and wholesale sides of the business: now they can see what each one is doing, and also look at the WET tax on both sides." – Deepak Stevens, Sales Implementation Engineer, SMB Consultants

Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, SMB Consultants devised a tailor-made solution. By implementing Cin7’s multi-channel inventory management system, Clonakilla gained a centralized hub for cellar door sales, point of sale, trade and online purchases. The integration seamlessly connected all aspects of the business, eliminating the previous complexities and redundancies.

Empowering Growth Through Innovation

With SMB Consultants at the helm, Clonakilla witnessed a true transformation. The integration provided clear breakdowns of sales, streamlined invoicing, and even automated shipping labels, freeing up valuable resources and enabling the team to focus on their core mission – crafting exceptional wines.

Celebrating a Shared Success

The collaboration between Clonakilla and SMB Consultants stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships. As Clonakilla continues to thrive and redefine excellence in winemaking, the partnership with SMB Consultants remains a shining example of how innovation, expertise, and collaboration can propel businesses toward unprecedented success.