ScanSKU Rugged Android Barcode Scanner- M Series (1D)

This device is DEAR compatible

The rugged and tough ScanSKU‚ Android Barcode Scanner (Model: M Series 1D), will stand up to the harsh environments in warehousing and retail environments. The ScanSKU Barcode Scanner runs the universally popular Android OS, therefore using the Scanner, is as simple and intuitive as using your mobile phone.

The M Series Android Barcode Scanner (1D) is a Tough and Rugged Device which can enable you Mobilise your operations. Whether you're using an off the shelf application, or your custom developed app/platform, the M Series Scanner can enable you to complete your activities (pick/packing, POS, invoicing) out in the warehouse, shop floor or off-site, to give your business, and customers, real time information.

The ScanSKU Barcode Scanners are compatible with a large number of integrations and apps compatible platforms such as WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, SKU Vault, Invoice2go and Top Shelf Scout among many other eCommerce, WMS and Asset Management software solutions (see Integrations). Our Barcode Scanners operate an open and unlocked version of Android, so it will work with virtually any software solution which is compatible with Android.

Our M Series Scanners are shipped with:

  • Device, battery and charging cable
  • A Rubber protective case (see images) to further protect against damage
  • Wrist strap
  • Screen protector