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SMB Consultants COVID-19 Update

SMB Consultants

Why SMB Consultants?

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SMB Consultants

 connects Small and Medium Businesses with technology that revolutionises the way they operate.

We specialise in providing new and existing retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with best in class commercial software and inventory management solutions that maximise productivity, minimise double data entry, improve workflows and most importantly, lead to greater more sustained profitability.

We also have a unique range of business productivity software and hardware packages that are designed to fulfil all other technological needs of Small and Medium Businesses. 

We’re leading the way with Cloud Integration.

SMB Consultants is distinguished by its unique position as a Cloud Integrator with expertise in the ‘Best of Class’ Cloud based software covering these three industry areas. Which ones are best suited to your business is what we discover together with your input.

Cloud services enable individuals and businesses to store information securely online and access it anywhere, including from mobile devices. Our Cloud applications form an integral part of our solutions and ensure that our clients enjoy a seamless experience.

Nobody gets it like we do.

Finding and setting up a cloud-based inventory management and/or manufacturing system is something you could do yourself if you were able to pick the right one for your business.

But setting up one system is only scratching the surface. What about connecting it to your online sales and marketplace sales channels, accounting software, your payment gateway, your staff rostering, connecting multiple databases across multiple geographical regions and so much more? It’s only with SMB’s truly comprehensive integration knowledge that your business will see the very best benefits from cloud technology. 

Experts in Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturing

Cloud integration for retail, wholesale and manufacturing is all we do, and it’s this targeted specialisation which has helped us deliver real value to hundreds of happy clients. You’re almost certainly too busy to be across all that cloud integration can do to enhance things like integrated online sales, multi-store management, customer engagement, rostering, staff management, accounting, payroll and payment gateways… but we’re not.

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Your future is our business.

Not only do we know the best way to get the most out of the apps available to your business. But even better, we know where technology is heading, and you can be confident that with SMB taking care of your cloud integration, your business systems will always be best in class – now and into the future.

People that you trust, trust us.

SMB Consultants have established a Certified Network of Accountants and Bookkeepers that have been introduced to Cloud Integration by SMB and know that we can deliver consistent excellent software solutions to their clients. We have the complete trust of the major suppliers of Cloud technology in our areas of expertise and more than 50% of our client referrals comes from direct referrals from our software vendors and partners. So, when anyone calls suppliers like Vend, Cin 7, Dear Systems, Shopify, Xero or in need of a “cloud integrator”, they’re advised to call us.

We’re a one stop shop.

Ever felt frustrated by having to deal with poor customer support from multiple suppliers at the same time? You’re not alone! And that’s why our core promise is to give you one expert partner and total peace of mind. Because we take full responsibility to install, implement and integrate all of our recommended solutions, we also take full responsibility to manage the support of these products and their integration. In effect, outstanding support to offer the ultimate one stop shop for our clients.

When it comes to cloud integration in retail, wholesale and manufacturing, we’re the only truly comprehensive service provider. Wherever the benefits for your business are, we’ll find them.

We manage the process from start to finish.

SMB Consultants can take a holistic approach to your business that goes beyond a simple review of inventory management needs.

We will take the time to understand your goals and develop a bespoke solution that addresses your requirements. We will also manage your solution from start to finish. We will undertake all of the research, installation, data migration, project management, commissioning, training and support that is necessary to ensure the smooth integration of our products into your business. 

Customer support that sets us apart

Our team is made up of experts who are under ‘one roof’, ensuring that you have the best support available for your entire solution with a single point of contact. As an SMB customer, we’re the only place you’ll have to look for help in the cloud. We’re in your time zone, we know all about your business, and our expertise spans across everything cloud technology can do for you.

SMB Consultants offers comprehensive support for customers all over Australia for a monthly support subscription fee or pro rata hourly rates.

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