Navigating Xero Complexity: Meet Joy, Your Guide to Streamlined Accounting Solutions

Navigating Xero Complexity: Meet Joy, Your Guide to Streamlined Accounting Solutions

At SMB Consultants, we pride ourselves on the culture of expertise and client-centric service we have fostered over the years. One shining exemplar of this culture is Joy, our seasoned Xero integration specialist. Since her journey began in December 2014, she has not only grown with the evolving nature of her role but has also become a cornerstone for our clients in navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of Xero integrations and beyond.

An Evolving Role Rooted in Expertise

When Joy first joined the ranks of SMB, her focus was solely on Xero integrations — training clients, setting up new Xero accounts, and getting payroll systems up and running. Fast forward nearly nine years, and her role has beautifully morphed to encompass advising on a broader range of software and integrations, including Vend and Cin7.

Joy remarked, "It has moved on from doing the basic integration to getting involved right from the kick-off because everything at some point along the line...the accounts come up." This evolution allowed her to dive into payment integrations with platforms like AirWallex and Pinch Payments, continuously broadening the scope of solutions available for our clients.

Growing Together: The SMB Connection

The transition from a prospective employee to a linchpin at SMB Consultants began at a Xero Roadshow in 2014, where Joy met Jeffrey Atizado, one of our co-founders. Impressed by Jeffrey's passion for helping businesses evolve through cloud-based systems, and in her words she "literally bailed him up" post-show, exploring the possibility of joining the SMB team. Her forward approach bore fruit, landing her in the heart of SMB's mission to deliver tailor-made solutions to clients facing operational hurdles.

What fascinated Joy about SMB was not just the role, but the ethos of the organization. She appreciated that, "Whilst software systems will sell you a program and help you install it, SMB takes that to another level by taking the time to listen to the client as to what roadblocks they are facing in their workflows and provides them with solutions. This is a whole team approach and as a team, we build an ongoing relationship with our clients so that they have someone to reach out to when something doesn't work right, whether that is new staff that needs assistance or if there is an error that just doesn't make sense."

This encapsulates the collaborative culture at SMB Consultants, which thrives on building enduring relationships with clients, ensuring they always have a reliable point of contact for their operational challenges.

Xero: A Dynamic Landscape

Discussing the significant shifts in Xero since her start, Joy notes that the platform has undergone more changes recently than ever before. Even though some changes were met with mixed reactions within the Xero community, her belief in the system remains steadfast. Her transition from MYOB to Xero before joining SMB, nearly 9 years ago, reflects her long-standing appreciation for Xero’s intuitiveness and user-centric approach.

A Continuum of Client Support

Post-implementation, Joy’s engagement with clients is far from over. With a portfolio of repeat clients who often reach out for advice or to resolve a nagging issue, she has become something of a Fairy Godmother for our clients. Whether it’s a quarterly check-in or a call to troubleshoot an unexpected hiccup, Joy’s phone line is always buzzing with clients seeking her expert insight.

Third Time’s a Charm

In one instance, a client approached Joy, troubled by a superannuation payment hiccup within Xero. Without hesitation, Joy liaised with the Xero support team and managed to release the payment for a second attempt. However, a twist in the tale came when the client, unaware of a change in the superfund details, encountered another blockade while resubmitting the payment in Xero. With her keen understanding of the system, Joy swiftly made the requisite updates in Xero and ensured the payment went through smoothly. As she cheerfully noted to the client, “third time's a charm!

This example is just one that epitomizes the additional layer of support that businesses often seek, and Jeff, our CEO, takes immense pride in having a team that steps in to provide such critical and timely solutions.

Embracing Continuous Learning

To stay ahead of the curve, Joy has made it a ritual to attend Xerocon, Xero roadshows, and relevant webinars to keep her certification up to date. These platforms not only sharpen her expertise but also ensure she's well-versed with the latest updates in order to continue offering the most up to date advice to our clients.

The Joys of Collaboration and Problem-Solving

Every project is a different beast, yet the collaborative ethos among Joy and other project managers at SMB remains a constant. When complex client questions arise, Joy steps in to provide clarity, ensuring that the project remains on track. Her ability to unravel complex challenges and spearhead solutions, especially when a client presents a problem that initially appears intractable, is where Joy truly shines.

Whether it’s the intricacies of payroll, superannuation, or broader Xero integrations, Joy’s expertise has become indispensable to our clients. Her story embodies the collaborative and supportive approach that SMB Consultants champions, ensuring every client receives the personalized advice and solutions they need to thrive in their respective domains.

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