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Meet Adam Young: A Pivotal Piece in SMB Consultants' Collaborative Approach to Solutions

Meet Adam Young: A Pivotal Piece in SMB Consultants' Collaborative Approach to Solutions

When it comes to solving complex problems and implementing effective solutions for our clients at SMB Consultants, it's all about the process. That's where Adam Young, our solutions expert and head of sales, comes into play.

Backing Up Solutions with Experience

Adam joined the SMB Consultants team in 2017 and rapidly became an integral part of the team, thanks in part to his diverse professional background. From managing multiple stores in retail to operations management in manufacturing, his multi-industry experience equips him with the know-how to tailor software solutions that hit the mark for SMB Consultants clients.

The SMB Process: Details, Details, Details

So what makes the process here at SMB Consultants so effective? "Don't provide problems and they (clients) won't look for problems," Adam says. The devil is in the details, and that’s where Adam shines. It starts with a thorough understanding of the software and systems. This means no errors and a polished presentation—every time.

"I like helping businesses. I want to provide the right solutions to businesses and I know how software can help if it's done right."

Client Transformation: A Team Effort

While Adam may be the first point of contact for new and existing clients, the process is intensely collaborative. Take the case of Skyphonez, an Australian retailer with over 100,000 SKUs. The business leaders at Skyphonez were skeptical that Cin7, the software they were considering, could handle their volume. The CEO, who had even worked for Cin7 and still doubted it's suitability, called upon SMB Consultants to get an expert opinion.

Adam, alongside Jeff, the CEO, and Deepak, the Sales Implementation Engineer, took a deep dive into how Skyphonez operated. Through a meticulous review and rethinking of the business's operations, they were able to tailor a solution that included Cin7. "That was a really good result for us," Adam reflects.

While this is just one example, it shows the depths SMB Consultants' goes to to understand a business in order to present solutions and Adam is a major driver of this process. Adam, along with the rest of the team, are continually looking to reshape how businesses perceive their operations and leverage software solutions to enhance their efficiency.

Innovation and Collaboration: A Culture of Excellence

Adam takes pride in staying ahead of the curve, constantly looking for next-level software to improve our internal processes and, by extension, what we can offer our clients.

It's this innovative mindset that has led to successful implementations and satisfied customers. But the magic really happens when the team comes together to brainstorm, troubleshoot, and, ultimately, deliver a solution that transforms our client's business.

The Future Is Bright

As SMB Consultants takes on more international clients, Adam's role continues to grow with it. Yet, the essence remains the same: It's all about helping businesses scale efficiently, one tailored software solution at a time.

Adam Young isn't just another employee at SMB Consultants; he's a crucial part of a process that delivers innovation, growth and peace of mind to our clients. If you're ready to transform your business, Adam and the team at SMB Consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.

Book a FREE 15-minute consultation with us today, and let Adam and our team show you the SMB Consultants difference.

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